Festival Rules

These are the rules of the Irish Bass Festival. It may be necessary to amend these rules  from time to time and if this happens the updated rules will be posted on the homepage of this website. The butterfly loft is the Festival Base for the weekend.... coffee suplies etc. http://thebutterflyloft.ie/index.php/find-us/ (located directly above where Absolute Fishing used to be located). 


Registration will begin at the butterfly loft at the usual 5am and you can leave from 6am. Prize giving will take place at the butterfly lounge on Sunday afternoon from 3pm!!

General Rules
The festival will take place on 13th, 14th and 15th of July 2018 and is open to all lure anglers fishing from the shore and is based on a catch and release concept. The entry fee is €40 and is payable in advance. All anglers wishing to fish all three days must have confirmed their entry by 3.00pm on Friday 29th June. 

Registration will begin on Friday the 21st of July from 5am. Your information pack, ID card and measuring tape will be given to you once you are fully registered. All  photographed fish which the angler wishes to register for the festival must be back and registered by 2pm on Sunday the 15th.

Taking pictures of fish

Each entrant must bring a digital camera with a removable memory card to be used for photographing
the fish (camera phone acceptable)

The board must be placed in the horizontal position and the fish placed upon it in a relaxed manner.  The angler or companion will hold the fish carefully with the hands placed at a third and two thirds  along the bass's body with the ID card clearly visible on the board. (An example photograph  will be included in your angling pack).Hands may be used to keep the fish in place; they should be  placed lightly upon the fish and the hands should not be gripping, squeezing or stretching the fish in a manner that is likely to cause damage to or adversely increase the length of the fish and only fish measured in this manner will be counted.

The fish may not be measured in the vertical or semi vertical position or suspended in any manner
whatsoever including chinning and using pliers. The nose of the fish must be touching the upright red section at the top of the board and the tip of the tail must be clearly visible in the photograph. It is not necessary to have the anglers face or body in the photograph.

It is the angler’s responsibility to ensure that the picture is clear and that all of the bass including both the head and tail are clearly visible in the picture. If part of either the head or tail is not in the picture and the true length of the fish cannot be ascertained because of the missing piece or the picture is un-readable due to any other circumstance it will not be considered. Anglers are allowed to take more than one picture of the same fish to ensure that they get it correct.